Castlemilk Day Nursery

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Promoting and Supporting Health and Well-being

If you child wears nappies, can you please make sure you provide nappies and wipes. If your requires a barrier cream, then can you make sure you bring this too.

All children should have an adequate supply of changes of clothes, however, if your child is toilet training, then you may need to supply extra clothes during the initial transition of nappies to pants.

We are a health promoting nursery; we provide healthy choices for snack and lunch.

We record all allergy and dietary requirements and make sure these are catered for.

We also take part in Healthy Choices, Happy Children and promote toothbrushing within the nursery. 

The nursery is also a Breastfeeding Welcoming establishment.

Please see the medication policy for information if your child requires medication during his/her time at nursery.