Castlemilk Day Nursery

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Positive Steps

We have set up a “Positive Steps” walking group which staff, children and parents lead. We take different walking routes within the local community each week. We record our walking steps using digital technology through the use of fitbits and pedometers to support the use of digital technology and awareness of numeracy. We record our weekly steps on a chart which are visible within the nursery for everyone to see our progress. This family learning initiative has been planned to ensure every child, parent and staff member within the 3-5 room have the opportunity to take part in a block of 7 week sessions. Where children have younger siblings in the nursery they also participate on the walks with us as this enhances opportunities to learn and be together. 

We are providing children with the opportunities to increase their physical and mental well-being through walking; this also aids children’s concentration, enhances positive moods as well as strengthening the core muscles including legs, feet and arms. Through this initiative we are supporting the attainment challenge set out by Scottish Government by enhancing children’s learning opportunities within Literacy and Numeracy outdoors.  This also supports positive mental health and self-care for parents reducing stress and improving well-being.